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Improving Entrepreneurs at Every Level: Talk with someone who started from scratch and knows how to make--and lose--millions.

After years of starting, buying, selling, managing, and closing companies: Allen Wood Jr. is ready to have a last hoorah. He wants to share with others what he has learned, to help them reach their goals. Whether it is to grow a business and make millions, to run a small office and provide for yourself, or anything in between, Allen has answers. 


These are not ordinary business lectures. Allen has roundtable discussions grounded in proven principles. He encourages participation throughout, so each session is a unique conversation surrounding the topics.


Allen is waiting to help you invest in yourself through his various sessions. If you think that a session was not beneficial, you will receive your money back. Your satisfaction is our standard.


Business Team


I. Self Analysis
II. Fundamentals
III. Functional structure of all businesses.
IV. Developing a business plan.
V. Recap, final considerations, and time to start.

VI. Other items, questions, comments, and suggestions.


Internal Functions:
I. Functional Structure of all Businesses (Three-Legged Stool)
II. Business Plan (Plan your work and follow your plan)
III. Communicate your Vision - The Company's Mission
IV. Establish Procedures
V. Personnel Management
VI. Know Your Numbers
VII. Be Prepared
External Functions:
VIII. Communication with Customers Individually
IX. Communications with Bankers and Investors / Stakeholders
X. Communications with the General Public:  Advertising and Public Persona
XI. Other items, questions, comments, and suggestions.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


I.  Functional structure of all businesses
II.  Communicate the company's mission
III.  Establish procedures
IV.  Personnel management
V.  Review and discuss management questionnaire

VI. Other items, questions, comments, and suggestions.


I. Self Evaluation
II. You are filling a need:
(a) For a product (b) For a service
III. Educate yourself
IV. Planning and Execution
V. Prospecting
VI. Appointment
VII. Presentation
VIII. Contracting
IX. Installation or Delivery
X. Ongoing Service
XI. Other items, questions, comments, and suggestions

Business Presentation
Business Meeting


I. Language of Business
(a) Basic Accounting (b) Financial Statements

II. Selected measures used by financial institutions and investors
(a) Current Ratio (b) Acid Test Ratio (c) EBIDTA (d) Price/Earnings (PE ratio) (e) Burn rate (cash burn rate) (f) Break Even point (g) Return on Investment (ROI) (h) Return on Equity (ROE)
III. Business Plans and Projections 
IV. Effects of changes in assets and liability structure on liquidity
V. Evaluating a company, factors
(a) Market presence (b) Tenure and reputation in marketplace (c) Evaluation of personnel, who stays, etc. (d) Potential expense savings after merger or purchase (e) Potential revenue increases after merger or purchase (f) Gross operating revenue multiples, less debt (g) Net income revenue multiples, adjusted to projected, to develop ROI (h) Assets at market value, less debt (i) Reviewing historical financial statements (j) Reviewing historical tax returns

VI. Other items, questions, comments, and suggestions


Allen is ready to meet your toughest challenges with you and coach you through them. 

Business Meeting


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