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NOTE:  Payment and registration for seminars is considered acknowledgement and understanding of, and agreement to, all provisions of both the terms and conditions set forth below and all other statements displayed on Excellent Entrepreneur’s website and publications.


(What else would be necessary in today’s litigious environment?  Note, however, that this topic is included in appropriate seminars, as an example of what the participant might need to know).

Information and opinions provided by representatives of Excellent Entrepreneur in seminars, conversations, written forms, or in any other manner is acknowledged to be of a general information and advisory nature, and consequently, should not be relied upon to be accurate or to be any representation or guarantee of merchantability.

No representative of Excellent Entrepreneur is authorized to act, nor is purporting to act, as a financial adviser, legal affairs adviser, tax attorney or adviser, insurance adviser, or in any other capacity for which professional opinions are offered by licensed individuals or companies in any particular field.  Excellent Entrepreneur’s clients are urged to seek the advice of such professionals.

In the event of disagreements between and among parties relating to any events involving transactions arising from services offered by Excellent Entrepreneur personnel, laws of the State of Mississippi, U.S.A. will apply.  The preceding statement notwithstanding, it is expressly agreed that in all cases the extent of Excellent Entrepreneur’s liability to any party is limited to return of seminar fees paid by attendees.

It is understood and agreed that provisions of this disclaimer are applicable to any business enterprise owned or controlled by Allen Wood, Jr. and Allen Wood, Jr. personally, regardless of the marketing name of the business contracting with any party.


Cancellation by Excellent Entrepreneur

  1.  Cancellation may be effected at any time prior to scheduled seminar.

  2. Attendee has the option of: 

    1. Applying previously paid fees to upcoming seminars

    2. Obtaining 100% refund of fees

Cancellation by Attendee

  1. Cancellations may be made for any reason.

  2. If written notice, via electronic means or otherwise, is received by Excellent Entrepreneur three days or longer prior to the scheduled meeting, Attendee has the option of:

            1. Applying previously paid fees to upcoming seminars, or

            2. Receiving 100% refund of fees.

  1.   If written notice, via electronic means or otherwise, is received by Excellent  Entrepreneur within three days prior to the scheduled meeting, 

    1. no fee refund will be applicable.

    2. If there are mitigating factors pertaining to Attendee cancellation within three days of the scheduled seminar, Attendee should request a refund  or rescheduling in writing, via electronic means of otherwise, to Excellent Entrepreneur.  Decisions of Excellent Entrepreneur shall be definitive and uncontested.


It is the intent of Excellent Entrepreneur to furnish value to each Attendee.  An evaluation form is included in seminar packages to allow us to measure Attendee’s degree of satisfaction with that particular seminar.  Completion of the evaluation form is confidential and optional, subject to the terms of requests for return of fees.

If any Attendee feels that the seminar was not beneficial to him or her to the extent of the fee paid, 100% of the fee will be returned.  In that event, Attendee agrees to complete the section of the evaluation form that states reason(s) that the seminar was not beneficial.  Excellent Entrepreneur needs this information to correct deficiencies for conducting future seminars.

Return of fees will be effected in the same manner by which the fee was received (PayPal, credit card, etc.) as soon as practicable, but in no event longer than five working days of the request.


Seminars are estimated to consume approximately three hours each.  Please note that these are estimates.  While there is a skeletal structure of topics to be discussed at each session, with limited attendees the format is one of a conversational nature in order to address specific questions of attendees within the framework of the scheduled topics.  That being the case, any given seminar may be closed after all topics are addressed, given acquiescence of all attendees; or the seminar may be extended, once again given acquiescence of attendees.

All seminars will begin promptly at the scheduled times.  Note:  Times reflected on the website are either Central Standard Time (CST) or Central Daylight Savings Time (CDST).

Generally, seminars will be limited to a maximum of 20 attendees in order to facilitate the conversational nature of each session. All attendees must have been registered prior to the event.

Privacy of attendees’ information will be protected to the best of our ability, unless an attendee designates otherwise.  It is anticipated that attendees will introduce themselves and furnish some background information to the group; however, there is no requirement for them to do so.  Data privacy, financial information, etc. will always be protected, and Excellent Entrepreneur will not knowingly furnish that information to any third party.  Excellent Entrepreneur does not sell data to third parties, nor does it have any affiliated companies with whom it shares client data.  Please note that Excellent Entrepreneur is itself a small company and that its data privacy resources are limited to basic protective measures afforded by computer manufacturers, internet providers, and other technology related entities with which it does business.

Technological failures arising from attendees’ equipment or data transmission service providers are not the responsibility of Excellent Entrepreneur; consequently, we do not feel it proper that refunds should be made an attendee in instances of such failure.  We will, however, welcome an attendee who could not complete a session because of such failure, to attend a subsequent seminar of the same subject at no additional cost.

If a seminar cannot continue because of failure of our equipment or data transmission services, we will, at the attendee’s option:

  1. Apply fees paid to a subsequent seminar covering the same subject, or

  2. Refund 100% of the Attendee’s fees.

If, in the sole discretion of the Excellent Entrepreneur’s host, an attendee is acting inappropriately during a seminar (having unregistered guests, exhibiting rude or unseemly language, inappropriate attire, behavior, etc.), the host may disconnect the attendee from the seminar.  In this event, there will be no refund of fees.

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